Opportunity 機遇

Passion 激情



Regardless your industries/profession, the level of staff you are recruiting, permanent or temporary, you can leave your challenging recruitment needs to our good hands from sourcing to offer.

Industry Group Industries
Construction & Property Services Architecture design, Project management, Civil and structural engineering, surveying
Electronics Components, consumer goods, mobile accessories
Fast Moving Consumer Goods Catering, fashions, retails
Finance & Insurance Banking – retail, commercial and private, wealth and fund management, insurance services
Hospitality & Entertainment Hotels, airlines, gaming
Information Technology & Telecommunications Software, hardware, IT consulting
Manufacturing Mechanical, plant management, supply chain, machinery, tooling, molding and packaging, QC
Merchandising Garments, toys, gifts, household items, furniture
Professional Services Legal, compliance, accountancy, advertising, management consulting

Profession Group
Accounting, Actuarial, Advertising, Counseling, Consultancy, Credit, Customer Service, Design, Education, Engineering, General Management, Human Resources, Legal and Compliance, Logistics, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Procurement, Product Development, Risk Management, Sales, Secretarial, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain, Training, Underwriting

Flow of Canadidate Search

  1. Step 1: Needs Analysis

    • Understand client’s strategic plan and culture
    • Confirm job requirements
  2. Step 2: Market Search

    • Identify potential candidates in the market
    • Contact prescreened candidates
  3. Step 3: Consultant Interview

    • Conduct competency-based interviews with candidates based on core criteria
  4. Step 4: Client Interview

    • Present qualified candidates to client
    • Arrange client-candidate interviews
  5. Step 5: Reference Checking

    • Provide at least 2 reference checks on job performance and integrity of candidate
  6. Step 6: Making Job Offers

    • Provide market compensation data as required
  7. Step 7: Follow-up Service

    • Follow up with client and newly-hired candidate to ensure a smooth transition