Performance 績效

Potential 潛能

Developing Competitive Business Strategy

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Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • learn the significance of setting business strategies to drive business success
  • assess the company’s readiness to create and implement business strategies
  • understand the critical elements in strategy development and execution
  • handle the complete process of strategic management effectively
Course Content: 
  • The importance of strategy in business success
  • The differences between strategy and tactic
  • Are you ready for strategy development? – Readiness Audit
  • Strategic Management Process
  1. Strategic Learning
    • Look into your business
    • Evaluate your situation
    • Acquire knowledge about your market
    • Review the business model
    • Note down SWOT analysis
  2. Strategic Thinking
    • Set feasible goals
    • Determine the directional growth path
    • Develop company-wide strategies
    • Formulate business-unit-level strategies
  3. Strategic Planning
    • Develop the business plan
    • Write the annual plan
    • Get the right people
  4. Strategic Implementation
    • Obtain commitment
    • Align with strategy
    • Work across functions
    • Execute with discipline
    • Monitor and improve
    • Learn, change and institutionalize
1 day