Performance 績效

Potential 潛能

Driving Change

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Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • learn the effective skills in leading changes
  • Increase own confidence in creating and managing changes, even in face of opposition
  • develop alliances to overcome organizational and interpersonal obstacles
  • instill a positive attitude and commitment to change in the team
  • reduce the negative emotional impacts of change on staff
  • improve team performance through improvement initiatives
  • learn to communicate the message to ensure the team and themselves are on the same wavelength
Course Content: 
  1. Understanding change
    • Why organizations change?
    • Forces of change
    • Types of change
    • 3-stage Change Model
  2. Preparing for change
    • Who moved my cheese? - Understand your role as a manager/leader during change
    • Critical elements for success
    • Positive thinking
      • Reactive or proactive
      • Circle of influence
  3. Managing change
    • Business dimension of change - project management
      • Initiating a change
      • Planning
      • Implementing and controlling
      • Closing and follow-up
    • People dimension of change - 5-goal Change Management Model
      • Awareness
      • Desire
      • Knowledge
      • Ability
      • Reinforcement
  4. Overcoming resistance to change
    • Why people resist? - Identifying difficulties
    • Examining possible reactions to change
    • Turning staff’s unproductive emotions into motivation
    • Helping staff understand the benefits of change
    • Building commitment from every member to the improvement initiative
    • Generating cooperation across the organization
    • Maintaining staff momentum
1-2 days