Performance 績效

Potential 潛能

Embracing Change

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Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • increase own readiness to embrace the upcoming changes
  • learn the effective skills in reacting to changes
  • establish a positive and productive attitude towards change
  • manage own emotions in facing changes
  • improve performance through process improvement
  • build commitment to the improvement initiative
  • handle stress effectively during change
Course Content: 
  1. Understanding change
    • Why organizations change?
    • Forces of change
    • Types of change
    • 3-stage Change Model
  2. Participating in change
    • Who moved my cheese? - Your role in an organizational change
    • Critical elements for success
    • Win-win behaviors
    • Positive thinking
      • Reactive or proactive
      • Circle of influence
  3. Overcoming resistance to change
    • Why resist? - Identifying difficulties
    • Exploring feelings in different stages
    • Examining possible reactions to change
    • Turning unproductive emotions into motivation
    • Understanding benefits of change
  4. Stress Management
    • What are your stressors?
    • Physical and emotional reactions to stress
    • Perception of stress - Eustress vs Distress
    • Stress and performance
    • Building your physical and emotional reserves
1 day