Performance 績效

Potential 潛能

Influencing Skills

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Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • use influencing skills to ‘curve the space’ of thoughts and feelings of others, such as customers, local and overseas peers across functions, vendors, subordinates and seniors
  • induce others to think, feel and act according to the ‘curved space’ provided
  • use the right combinations of benefits, freedom from constraints and road maps to influence others
  • understand the importance of personal influence to build trust, share responsibility with others and work towards a common goal
  • increase own confidence in wielding persuasion power and managing others’ resistance
Course Content: 
  1. What’s attitude to do with influencing power?
    • Circle of Influence
    • Negotiate or influence?
    • Personal style assessment – you and your audience
    • Gain an understanding of situations by AROMA Model
    • Types of conflicts and corresponding interaction strategies
  2. Exert Your Assertive Influence on a Personal Level
    • RESPECT Model
    • Personalize messages
    • Develop personal credibility and rapport building
    • Deal with different personalities
    • Influence genders
    • Persuade without patronizing
    • Say something important
    • Make others feel valuable
  3. How to Influence in 10 Workplace Situations?
    • What to say first?
    • Overcome resistance
    • Assign credit to co-workers
    • Choose threats or challenges
    • Use hot buttons
    • Will scarcity work?
    • Challenge or Threats?
    • How to use group persuasion?
    • Effective questioning? What and how?
    • How to give feedback?
  4. More Tactics for Getting What You Want
    • Use commitment and consistency
    • Introduce certainty and uncertainty
    • Persuade with picture words
    • Try cases and scenarios
    • Motivate with recognition
  5. Wielding Your Influence at Meetings
    • Speak persuasively
    • When they are reluctant but not hostile
    • Spend or save your information
    • Go first or last on the agenda
    • Your place or mine?
    • Gain management support
    • Decide where to sit
    • What to wear?
2 days