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Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance management and coaching system are tailor-made to set standards of expectation of staff. They help staff to become the best they can be and maximize their contribution to the organizations. Well-developed performance management system also facilitates effective reward and incentive strategies.

Case Study

  • An international removal company engaged us to revamp the performance management system and successfully launched it in 2 months. They used it for on-going coaching, performance evaluation, staff development planning, and annual salary and incentive reviews.
  • A library of KPIs was developed for a manufacturing company to capture and keep track of business and operational performance which were factored in the staff incentive scheme. Thanks to the clear performance measurements, it greatly helped improve its productivity and profitability. Even at the challenging period of economic downturn, they stood strongly in the chosen market and sustained their business with full confidence.
  • The performance management system of a retail chain was revamped to build an objective and on-going evaluation of staff performance at the aspects of quantitative and qualitative measurements. It also facilitated staff training needs analysis and staff development to sustain the performance.